Friday, October 17

Friday Finale

* Been a really long, tiring week... looking forward to chilling at home with the fam on this evening!
* Had SO MUCH fun with the Campus Crusade group (CRU) at the Unv. of MD last night! I LOVE speaking to college students! ALMOST as much as my Mosaic peeps... almost! ;-)
* The CRU crowd has grown alot since last semester... I actually find it EASIER to speak to large crowds... strange!
* We launched four more Connection Groups at Mosaic this week... really excited about that!
* Still pretty stoked about winning that camcorder... can't wait to get it!
* Can the Red Sox pull it out again?? This would be freakin' unbelievable...
* Speaking to these guys next month... then my oldest son and I get to stand on the sideline with them the next day at their game against Florida State! That should be fun! :-)
* Be back in a couple days with Sunday Nite Speak!


Mark LeHew said...

I hate the Red Sox. In Jesus name of course!


Please tell me you're a Wizards fan, Mark... we disagree in ALL THINGS SPORTS, so far! :-)