Wednesday, September 17

Tonight... and Tomorrow

... was great! Spoke to about 60 students at the Inter-Varsity Fellowship at University of Maryland. I LOVE speaking to college students... and, having gone to UMD, it's always special when I get a chance to speak there. Cheryl Molinatto, their campus director, is doing an awesome job... it's great to see the student leaders taking their roles seriously and connecting the students to "the big picture." Can't wait to get back there with those guys!

Tomorrow, seven of us head out to Indiana for the Innovate Conference... which is going to be simply incredible... I can feel it! :-) Can't wait to hear three of my favorite speakers... Mark Beeson, Craig Groeschel, and Steven Furtick - three distinct styles, three awesome ministries, three mighty men of God! Plus, I get to hook up with my brotha from anutha mutha!! It's going to be an awesome 2 1/2 days! ;-)

I'll be away from my internet-deprived-by-Verizon home for a couple of days, so my blogging should pick up. :-) Hopefully, I'll live-blog from the conference... we'll see. Gonna miss my bride and boys BIGTIME... AUGH!! Pray for me...


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tony sheng said...

i have some good friends that were former students that served with cheryl and IV. awesome!