Friday, September 19

INNOVATE - Day Two - Part One

SESSION THREE: Rob Wegner, "Missional Moves"

What is God's plan to show the world that He is good? YOU AND ME... THE CHURCH!

1) What is the Gospel that Jesus preached?
- many of us think that the Gospel is basically "getting out of trouble with God", the "minimal requirements to get to heaven."-
- Jesus' gospel was the Kingdom of God... not a category, like money or sin... but the Kingdom encompassed all of them.
- What is the "Kingdom of Heaven"? Wegner: "where the life of God breaks through in the dark and broken places in this world... starting in our hearts, but moving throughout humanity... bringing up there down here."

1st Move: shifting from a gospel of saved souls to saved wholes
- some of us focus so much on the gospel as verbal proclamation, and that's not incorrect... just incomplete.
- verbal proclamation + demonstration proclamation = the Gospel of Jesus Christ

2nd Move: from "flashlight" to laser focus
- Are we confusing the Great Commission with the great commotion?
- Acts 1:8 (framework for missional activity
- be 30 ft. deep in a few places, rather than 3 ft. deep in many!
- Jesus didn't give us missions, He gave us one mission... a LIFE mission!
- Become an "unstoppable force" for good!-
- Narrowing your focus dramatically increases your impact

3rd Move: from professionals to full participators
- in book of Acts, all the missional activitity was based in the church
- missional movement is about getting people out of their seat
- lower the barriers of fear and busyness, in order to get people mobilized. GCC created 2nd Saturdays for people to get involved: they provide transportation, make it family-friendly, and they get loads of people helping out (even non-Christ followers). They provide opportunities to all kinds of people, from all walks of life, who are all at different points in their spiritual journey... once a month, every month.

The time has come for churches to figure out where they stand. God has called us, not to sit inside in our sanctuaries, but to get outside the four walls of the church and press forward against the gates of hell!

Help bring up there down here...
Don't give poverty and injustice the final words...
Let Him make us dangerous...
Victory is ours...

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