Monday, July 28

Sunday Nite Speak - HANCOCK: "The Power of Purpose"

* GREAT worship gathering tonight! Was very impressed with Karla and the band! They did a really AWESOME job! Worship set:

- Here is Our King (David Crowder)
- I Know Your Are Mine (Israel Houghton)
- Famous One (Chris Tomlin)
- Indescribable
They really nailed it with "Indescribable"! I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to preach after that!

* Well, we're halfway through our God On Film series, and it's really going great! Seems to get better each week... and attendance isn't going down at all! Great for the summertime!

* We had clips for Hancock today... went well, although the second one needed an edit! (I'm not tellin', though! LOL!) But, overall... it went great.

* We need to work on our "staging"... I think fixing up the stage thematically to go along with the messages would add VOLUMES to our gathering environments!

* We handed out little cards (smaller than business card-size) that challenged people to commit to living out their God-given purpose (on the back of the card was written this: "What would you do... if you could do ONE thing, money wasn't an issue, and you knew you couldn't fail?" and then a few lines for them to write out their purpose). They were to sign it and date it, and then share it with someone else to help keep them accountable to pursuing their purpose. Worked great! Looking forward to the follow up with that!

* Good number of guests out tonight! And I'm lovin' seeing people RETURN for the 2nd and 3rd time!

*Well, I'm looking forward to this week! I have a baptism, the Creative team and I (and some Mosaic "tagalongs") will be seeing Dark Knight together tomorrow evening, and I have a couple of books to finish. Saw the Dark Knight movie already, but 1) it's worth seeing again... and 2) there's so much, you're bound to miss something! Not sure yet what theme I'll be lifting from the movie to speak on next week... so, if you have something, shoot it my way! ;-)

*CLOUD NINE: NFL football is right around the corner!!!! :-)

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