Monday, July 14

Sunday Nite Speak: God On Film, 2nd Week!

* Tonight, we kicked our 2nd week in the God On Film message series... highlighting the movie, Get Smart! We had an AWESOME TIME... Brian created a little "crime scene" look in the foyer... we had the theme song going and everything... GREAT STUFF TONIGHT! Hope somebody took pics!!!
* The message was "Don't 'Get Smart', GET WISE!", looking at Eph. 5:15-17 and why it's so important to pursue wisdom in our decision-making. It's easy to ask, "Is this wrong?", but a little more difficult (and motive-revealing) to ask, "Is this wise?" Hmmm....
* We had three clips from the movie tonight... that always helps creativity. Last week, we only had the trailer for The Incredible Hulk. Running into the same problem for next week with Wanted... not sure we'll have more than the trailer, so we'll have to substitute other forms of fun and creativity... ;-)
* Had a handful of visitors this evening... two of whom found out about Mosaic thru our Facebook page! That always trips me the heck out, because it's awesome how God does that! I'd never even HEARD of Facebook before a couple of years ago, and to see how God uses that type of venue is always amazing to me! By the way, if you're on Facebook, drop by and join our group... we've got 250+ members in the group, and we're always looking for more. The more people, I'm convinced, the more prayer on our behalf!
^ I'm looking forward to hanging out with LV & the Catalyst Road Trip crew this coming Wednesday evening at Ebenezer's Coffeehouse in downtown DC... should be a great time! I'm hoping Ju will roll with me (if he's adjusted back to reality by then, having just gotten back from the Caribbean. The nerve of that guy!). The Movie Pastor might be hanging with me, too, since he's working in MD this week with his full-time gig. Those two guys are two of my biggest encouragers, and I love hangin' with them!
* BIG PROPS TO KEDA, who freed me up bigtime so I could finish up my message this week... thanks, babe! She's great to have as a wife... I think I'm keeping her around, man! ;-)
* SARAH & MICHAEL: way to go with the media tonight!! You guys did an awesome job! Chris, thanks for setting up everything! You guys rock, man!
* Just a reminder to keep inviting people to our worship gatherings! :-)
* I always am glad to see my little nephew, Nix, running around after the gatherings! You'd never know he just had major open-heart surgery at the end of April! Look at Jesus!!
* Tomorrow (Monday) is gonna be a serious reading day! I have fallen WAY BEHIND on my schedule of book reviews! I was gonna try to keep up with this guy, but he's a FREAK when it comes to reading! I think he reads at least 60 books a year... sheesh! ;-)
* Well, next week we're preaching on a theme from the movie WANTED... not sure of the message title yet, but it'll be on "purpose!" Invite a friend or two... or five... and come join us next week for God On Film!!

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