Wednesday, July 30


If you've never gone to this conference, you don't know what you're missing! I went last year with a friend of mine, and I was BLOWN AWAY! Granger Community Church knows how to reach people in relevant, creative ways... they're one of the most innovative churches in the country... and every year they pull out the stops in order to help other churches understand the value and necessity of leveraging culture to reach people far from Christ!

This year, we're taking at least seven people to the conference! And we might have some more sign up before the end of the summer! I can't even tell you how excited I am about that!! Because we're serious about reaching people... and we're serious about reaching them in more and more effective ways - being relevant and leveraging culture all throughout the process.

Check out the website for the conference... and then ask yourself this question: "What are we (your church) doing to leverage culture and reach people far from Jesus?" If that's a tough question to answer, then don't even try to answer it. Just sign up...

And take your team.

This is too big for you to do alone. ;-)

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