Thursday, July 24

Fighting Forum?? Nope!

Had the opportunity to participate in a research study focus group about young adults on yesterday afternoon, at Catholic University's Life Cycle Institute... re: engaging them and getting them more involved in the life of the church. More specifically, what are some of the things that hinder young adult involvement in church? It was a great time (about 2 hours) of picking one another's brains (my wife hates that term... sorry, honey!) and exchanging ideas. The forum was hosted by Dr. Kathleen Garces-Foley of Marymount University.

It was also a great time of connection... with the exception of Jumaine Jones, all the other participants were from a different theological/philosophical perspective than me. At times, we had the whole Evangelical vs. Emergent discussion going on, with both sides being strongly represented (and, if you know me, you know there was NO WAY I wasn't throwing in my two cents, lol). But the disagreements were amicable, and we all left as brothers and sisters... the way it should be.

Sometimes, you have to agree to disagree... and keep on moving. ;-)

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