Monday, June 16

Monday Reflections

* Friday night, Keda went to see The Happening with some ladies from the church... scared the CRAPPOLAS outta her! :-) I had to meet her at the door... needless to say, she doesn't like scary movies, but she tries to "brave it out" from time to time. Always good face your fears! ;-)
* I spoke at a Men's Breakfast for a church about 30 min. away from us. A couple of our guys went with me... it made them really thankful for Mosaic! Before I spoke, they had a time of singing... and the first song was I Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord Forever. That was one of the very first "church choruses" I learned as a little kid... and that's about how long it's been since I'd sung that song! The median age of the men there seemed to be around 45 or so... but the music was led by two gentlemen who were at least 70. So, I was very thankful for Mosaic, too! ;-)
* Saturday afternoon, our Connection Group had a cookout... really cool and alot of fun! A couple of people were AWOL, but we had a great time... even my dad hung out with us for a couple of hours, and rarely comes to church! :-)
* It was funny listening to my dad talk theology with one of our guys, who is a seminary student. He's been reading Driscoll's Vintage Jesus, so I guess he had something to work with!
* I love our group... the ages range from 21 to mid/upper 40's, but we have a great time and people have really connected. Not everybody, and not perfectly... but it's happening!
* Yesterday's worship gathering was good. Karla, it was great having you back onstage!) DIdn't do a Father's Day-specific message, but one for everybody on Understanding Temptation. Good feedback from people...
* I'm at Starbucks, drinking a Strawberry Lemonade frappucino... don't hate! ;-)
* We had a first-time guest at church yesterday, who heard about Mosaic thru Facebook! We've got almost 240 members in our Mosaic Facebook Group, and this is about the 2nd or 3rd person to come out having heard of the church through Facebook! She loved it... and said she plans to be out weekly. YAY, GOD!
* Message went a little long yesterday... gotta trim those bad boys down1
* The Lakers pulled out Game 5 yesterday, but I'm wondering if they're just holding off the inevitable...
* Over the next two weeks, I'll be preaching on the vision of the church... so, INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHO DOESN'T HAVE A CHURCH HOME!! If they need a church, they'll get to hear very clearly what Mosaic is all about. After that...
* ... begins our GOD ON FILM message series! THIS, you definitely don't wanna miss! We should have something on the website next week, so keep posted! ;)

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