Monday, May 19

Monday's Musings

* Good service yesterday evening... good attendance!
* Had a good number of first-time guests, and several were students... who said they can't wait to come back next semester.
* Lovin' this Ruth study! We were in chapter 2 yesterday, and I only got halfway through. We'll deal with the rest of the chapter next week, and emphasize the role of Boaz as "kinsman-redeemer." It's Communion Sunday, so that should fit in perfectly! ;-)
* The band introduced a new song (forgot the title) yesterday, and I liked it so much I just had to have them sing it again! Great job, guys!
* One of our newest attenders at Mosaic is an Int'l Missions Board (IMB) missionary, working at the university with Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) students... it's been great having Kelly with us for this short time and hearing about her passion to help people learn to live missional lives. She's headed to Oklahoma for the summer to work at a youth camp, and we had the awesome privilege of praying over her during the service. Any way we can push missional living, we'll do it!
* Next semester, I'll be speaking for InterVarsity, BCM, and Campus Crusade at the university (and maybe for a couple other campus groups)... LOVE speaking to college students!
* One of our attenders has been tweaking our website... it's looking better and better! Alonso, you're doing an awesome job, my man!
* Whiteboard is this week! Can't wait... should be a great conference; Ben Arment has done an awesome job with pulling it together. I'm taking along two from Mosaic... I love getting people plugged into and exposed to new and innovative Kingdom venues!
* Looking forward to seeing this guy and this guy at the conference! And looking forward to meeting this guy... future church planter and (from what I hear) great preacher!
* Almost forgot one! Met her at the '06 Buzz Conference, and am looking forward to connecting Mosaic to what she does...
* Had a first time guest at Mosaic yesterday who is a fellow Boston Red Sox fan! Unfortunately, he roots for the Patriots, too... ugh! :-)
* Communion this Sunday... don't miss it!

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