Wednesday, May 14

I Don't Think So...!

I received an email this morning about speaking at an On Mission Celebration in Salem, KY, Aug. 1-3. My first thought was, "That's pretty cool..." Then, I checked out Salem, KY. Uh-oh.

* Population of less than 1,000
* The median household income is around $30,000
* The average age is slightly over 50
* The racial breakdown is 98.6% White, 0.7% Hispanic

This is really, really rural South!! Man, I'd probably need to be strapped like Agent 47.

Don't get me wrong... I enjoyed speaking at my last OMC... but, for those who don't know, I'm a (just turned) 40-yr old African-American male, with a passion for reaching 20/30-somethings in a multiracial context. Match that with me, and - like Sesame Street says - "One of these things just doesn't belong here!"

There are just some things that you don't even have to pray about. ;-)

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Ted Z said...

Not looking for this to be posted, but felt compelled to say.

Be Safe but do not Limit yourself. there are quite a few over fifties that think -know from experience- that you are a carrier,doer speaker of the word and we are better off for it.