Thursday, April 10

A Sage's Wisdom

The longer I pastor, the more I realize the need for wisdom from older pastors... sages, as I like to call them. They've been through the fire, and have often made the same mistakes I do... but they learned from them, and God has used them.

I had a very awesome opportunity to meet with an old friend today at Washington Bible College. It was a relatively impromptu meeting, but it was extremely powerful. It was with Pastor Lynwood Davis, 63-yr old pastor of the Northeast Baptist Temple in Clinton, MD, who also serves as WBC's Facilities Director (the students affectionately call him "Rev"). We've known each other for a very long time (he said to a friend of mine, "I remember when Darren was the Choir Director at New Song! NOW look at him!"). He sat me down and gave me some really practical and pastoral advice..., and it was so rich. I'm extremely indebted for these sages who've paved the way, who understand that ministry is not the same as it was 20-30 years ago, and who are excited about the young men that God is raising up to lead His Church! Here are a few "snippets from a wise sage":

1) "Remember when you first got married... how excited you were? The honeymoon stage? ?Well, you're in the honeymoon stage of church planting right now!"

2) "I should've changed some things alot sooner than I did. I had good theology, but my methodology was horrible! Don't be afraid to change when change is needed. "

3) "As church planters, we have a way of... after awhile... beginning to maintain our ministries. Then we plateau... because we stop doing the things that caused the church to grow. So, take a little of what you're doing now... put it in a bottle... then, 5-10 years from now, when you start to plateau... take that bottle and sprinkle what's in it on your church!"

4) "When you learn who you are... you'll do that best!"

Doc, I've always appreciated your ministry and insight into the Scriptures... that appreciation has grown TEN-FOLD! Thanks so much for pouring into a young pastor. I'll never forget today.

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