Monday, January 21

Takeaways from Mosaic LA

Once I got back from LA, I had to "hoof it" to get some things done here... so I'm just getting a chance to jot post some of the things that stood out during the discussion with Erwin McManus at the Mosaic Alliance Roundtable last week. Here goes:

* As emerging leaders, we ultimately can not care about how those caught up in the past feel about what we do, but how the FUTURE is affected by what we do.

* Some claim that young people who grow up in our relevant churches today are becoming disillusioned and falling away from the church... but really, we are the ones who are reclaiming the kids that grew up in traditional settings and wound up resenting the church and Christianity.

* Instead of asking, "What type of church are we going to build?" let's ask, "What kind of world do we want to create?"

* We should glean from our parenting experiences… see how our kids are uniquely wired, and understand that the people we're discipling are the same: uniquely different!

* Would I rather be a "lion" or a "cheetah"? A lion can make 4 out of 10 kills, and be okay; a cheetah has 0% body fat… and when it goes on a kill, it expends so much energy that if it doesn't catch it's prey, it can die from exhaustion. We need to learn to be like the Cheetah and go all out!

* As church planters, we need Christ-followers alongside of us, but we need them of the stripe that long to see their friends have a "place."

* Real. Honesty. Transparency. We need that… strive for it.

* Have to be honest about what we're doing… not going to look the same as Mosaic in LA. I have to respond to DC!!! What is our context?

* You can't grow an effective church if you're at conflict within yourself.

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