Sunday, December 30

Sunday Nite Speak!


* Great night tonight...message was on "A Life That Thrives!" It's so important to remember that God has called us to more than just an existence; he's called us to LIFE... and He wants us to THRIVE as the person He's called us to be! "THRIVE"... that's our buzzword for 2008 at Mosaic! ;-)

* As Christ-followers... and as CHURCH PLANTERS,AS WELL... too many of us focus on either survival or success... not enough of us strive for significance!

* OMG(osh)!!!! I just saw the hardest hit of the season in the Colts-Titans game... Chris Henry got toasted!!!!!

* Well, 2007 is OVA!! At least, as far as Sundays are concerned... Can't wait to get the ball rolling for '08... should be a great year! Expecting great things from a great God!!

* Bernard and Chris, you guys did GREAT with your TESTIMONIES tonight!! I think we're gonna do that more often! ;-)

* Ok... for all you Redskins fans: PLEASE understand that the Cowboys HAD NOTHING TO LOSE OR GAIN TONIGHT! I'm glad you guys made the playoffs... and I'll leave it there for now! ;-)

* Just recently found out that Ted Dekker has simultaneously released 2 sequels, Chosen and Infidel, to his CIRCLE TRILOGY. I'm a huge Dekker fan, and these should be off the chain... can't wait!

* Next week's Gathering will mark our very first BAPTISM at Mosaic Community Church!! We may have only 1-2 people to baptize, but I'm TOTALLY AMPED!!!!!

* Signing off... in the words of Alicia Keys, I think "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" in '08!! :-)

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