Sunday, December 23

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Good night... started out kinda light, but attendance picked up... not too bad a gathering, seeing that it's the Sunday before Christmas!

* The band TORE IT UP!!! The worship set was LIKE THAT!! Thanks guys, for all your service!

* Finished up the OPEN BEFORE CHRISTMAS series tonight... I always feel a sense of accomplishment when a series is done! I had a pastor friend tell me once that the pastor he had previously served under hardly ever finished a series. WHA--?????????

* I LOVE IT when new people return and bring their friends!

* I'll be preaching next week on baptism... can't wait! Our first baptism service will be January 6, the first Sunday of the new year. Very appropriate! ;-)

* I think I'm going to do a series of posts this week, entitled Things I Learned in 2007...

* My COWBOYS have HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE throughout the NFC Playoffs!!! Not sure how the Bears crushed the Packers the way they did... but I'm glad they did!!!

* My oldest son, Darren, Jr... aka Diesel... aka Bean... aka Deeski... turned 11 years old today! Wow... seems like just yesterday that this big, bruiser, built-like-a-linebacker 9 1/2 pound baby boy was born!

* Saw I AM LEGEND today with Diesel... scared the poop outta him! Haha! I didn't know it was such a "jumpy" movie, or we woud've seen something else... The movie itself was okay... not bad, but not great. Worth seeing, though...

* Seems like there are some folk who appreciate my humor! :-) Go here to check it out...

* Here's the first of WHAT I LEARNED IN '07: I learned to never, ever argue with an old school, traditional preacher about whether he has religion or relationship. Just let the old coot be religious. Durn.

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Eric Bryant said...

Merry Christmas, Darren!