Sunday, December 2

Sunday Night Speak

* Great time tonight! Had a couple of Univ. of MD students out, who are friends of my boy Josh Chevalier. Josh is out in LA, doing an internship with Erwin McManus, Eric Bryant, and the crew... and we're hoping that God opens the door for Josh to come back home after he's done and help bust things out here in College Park! No pressure, of course, Josh... ;-)

* Kicked off our new series, Open Before Christmas... spoke on giving the gift of forgiveness to our family. Our family members know us better than anyone, and those relationships are usually the ones that frustrate us most. But God specializes in transformation... and forgiveness can transform ANY relationship!

* This will be the last month where I do "morning moonlighting," leading worship a few Sunday mornings a month and then do Mosaic in the evening. Actually, it's not moonlighting, at all... just helping out a couple of friends of mine, who are in a quandry with their worship situation. I count it a privilege to be able to help out... but it can be really tiring. Add to that a 2pm wedding (like today), and it's enough to totally drain you! So, after December, I'm turning over a new leaf! :-)

* Marquita's best friend got married today... 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon! Isn't that the craziest bunch of craziness you've ever heard?? (Just kidding, Juvonia!!) Congrats are in order, though... Juvonia and Paul make a great couple!

* What happened to the Skins today?! I was in the hors d'eouvres line at the wedding reception, and I was told the Skins were leading, 16-8. When I left about 40 minutes later to head out to church, they had lost... 17-16! Wow... that's all I can say. Actually, no it's not: HOW 'BOUT DEM COWBOYS?????????

* Our new Christmas message series impact cards (wow, that was a lotta words) are almost gone... we've just about passed them all out! No one came today from receiving one... but they're coming... I can FEEL IT! :-)

* Looking forward to HAVING SOME COMPANY AT THE METRO STATION this Wed and/or Fri!!!

* My man Jim Henry is somewhere smiling right now because his Seahawks won... I can FEEL IT!! :-)

* Well, tomorrow's my reading day... always enjoy book-filled days!! Later!


Joshua said...

haha we are on the same page with praying that God would open up that door...

Rindy said...

Oh, I'm sorry---I must have missed reading WHO beat the Redskins???!!! Hmmmm.....


Yup... DA BILLS! And in similar fashion to how WE beat DA BILLS! ;-)