Monday, November 5

Monday Mind Dump

* Last night's service was a little rough... I think it was a combination of things: lowest attendance in awhile (not sure why)... I think some of the lights were out, too, because Brian was literally "in the dark" on stage (must find out what was up with that). We had a few first-time guests... hopefully, they weren't scared off! :-)

* Also, I was definitely not "on point" with my preaching, either. Not sure why, but I found it extremely difficult to focus last week in my preparation. I found some solace in that a couple of the church planters whose blogs I read also confessed that their messages weren't hitting it yesterday either. But that was during their first service... they got another shot at it at the next one. Ummm... some of us only get one shot. :-) But we'll be ready next week... Breakthrough Prayer... don't miss it!

* The Cowboys clipped the Eagles wings last night, 38-17! I wish, though, they wouldn't have gotten so conservative with the play-calling in the 4th quarter... we could've scored 52 points like the Patriots did against the Redskins!! :-) Speaking of the Skins, they just barely got past the Jets... but I guess a win is a win.

* I've got the crib all to myself today... hopefully, I will finish up reading unChristian!

* Bob Franquiz beat me to reviewing The Divine Mentor... check out his review; it's good. I shouldn't be surprised he got to it before I did, though... he reads 60 books a year!

* Feeling well-rested for the first time in well over a week... or two... sweet! Keda gets on me about not getting proper rest... what would i do without her? ;-)


Kevin said...

YES!!!! A WIN IS A WIN!!!!! Oh yeah... Thanks for being transparent.

Eric Bryant said...

Keep up your great work out there!

John said...

I really like Wayne Cordeiro's stuff, Darren.. and New Hope in Hawaii is amazing. My family and I have been blessed to have been able to visit when we had family living in Honolulu.