Monday, November 26

Book Review: Watermark

This was a good little book by BOB FRANQUIZ... who not only writes books, but reads more books than even I can keep up with! I really liked Watermark... for one, it can be read in less than an hour. But, beyond that, it's about baptism... who's writing about that? It's short, it's practical... and it's very inspirational. Bob emphasizes not only the obedience part of being baptized, but also how baptism expresses a Christ-follower's commitment and passionate pursuit of Christ. Here's just a taste from chapter 1:

"Baptism is the mark of a life committed to God... Jesus commanded us as disciples to be baptized so it would serve as an outward symbol of an inward commitment. It would put the world on notice that we were leaving our old lives behind and embracing the lives that God has for us. And it would serve as a memorial to us of the day we fully committed ourselves to God."

I also liked Bob's section on the FAQ's of baptism... he covers most (if not all) of the bases, questions that new Christ-followers might have. In fact, I hadn't even heard one of the questions... nobody's ever asked me about being baptized for the dead!! :-) Just goes to show that Bob's done his homework, and although the book is pretty compact, I think it is just right for any new believer that has questions on this subject.

Although I take a different stance than Bob does on the baptism of the Holy Spirit (one of the FAQ's), I love the book! It's a great resource for new believers and anyone who needs their questions answered about baptism... check it out!

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