Thursday, October 4

This is What I Know...

I'm from Takoma Park, MD, and I don't know all there is to know... but there are SOME THINGS that I'm totally convinced of!! Here are a few:

* I know God is HEAD-OVER-HEELS about me... IN SPITE of me! Even when I blow it - AND I BLOW IT OFTEN - His love for me (and you) NEVER CHANGES!!

* I know that I "married up!" I don't deserve my wife... and she doesn't deserve me. She deserves better. BUT I'M NOT COMPLAINING! ;-)

* I know that COLLEGE PARK is ripe for a move of God! It's only a matter of time... but COUNTLESS LIVES are going to be changed!

* I know that God gives us the grace to handle anything that comes our way! See THIS VERSE!

* I know that GOOD FRIENDS are hard to come by!

* I know that the DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS are the two greatest events in human history! Without them, there's no future for us!

* I know that the COWBOYS ARE 4-0! Just thought I throw that one in... ;-)

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