Sunday, October 14

Sunday Nite Speak!!

* Ok... let me get this over with RIGHT NOW, cuz I don't wanna hear about it after this: THE PATRIOTS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE... AND WE LET THEM OFF THE HOOK!!!!! ;-)

* The final three sessions at the retreat were totally OFF THE CHAIN! I had an incredible time with those guys from South Potomac Church. The freedom I felt in teaching was incredible, and it was great to see MEN BEING TRANSPARENT with one another. These guys were hungry for the Word, hungry for more holiness in their lives... they were HUNGRY FOR GOD... PERIOD!

* OK... you know the enemy had to stick his crazy nose into the mix! I got into an accident on my way home from the retreat... no one was hurt, that was good... but I was at fault, which SUCKS!!

* Had a great time this evening at Mosaic... AGAIN! Have you ever heard me say that I LOVE MY CHURCH?? :-)

* Good word from VIC SIMPSON tonight! He encouraged us to MOVE FORWARD BY FAITH as we take College Park by storm! I loved his 6-stage process of fulfilling your God-given dream: DREAM... DECISION... DELAY... DIFFICULTY... DEAD ENDS... DELIVERANCE. Tellin' you, it was GOOD STUFF!!

* Still smartin' over the Cowboys' loss today... ugh! Didn't get any calls from Redskins fans, though... WONDER WHY???

* I'll have a LITTLE lighter week this week, since I won't be preaching next Sunday. If you get a chance, stop through... you don't wanna miss Mosaic's guest preacher, JUMAINE JONES... who pastors The Bridge in Silver Spring. Ju's like a younger brother to me; I love that dude. He is so MAD GIFTED, it's a shame... you're definitely in for a treat!

* OK... that's it for now... cya tomorrow! ;-)

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brother4Him said...

Hey Brother,
First, glad you are ok its just metal. I will be praying that God helps with the details.

Second, glad both teams had an off day. Ravens won!!!

Third, Brother GOD rocked this weekend. The weekend was AWESOME!
I got recharged, I needed to get around men who are PASSIONED about GOD and this was the place. GOD gave us a speaker that has that passion. I came up here with the expectation of hearing from GOD. I needed this weekend to get some direction and answers from GOD, and He delivered.
I'm exceited to see these changes go into affect.

Brother as you said this weekend, God puts people in your path for a reason, even if it is for a season. You made a great impact on my brother and I this weekend.

Thank You

Your brother in Christ,