Thursday, October 11

This Weekend

Sorry, guys... it's been crazy busy this week! But glad to be back... ;-)

I'll be the keynote speaker at a men's retreat this weekend, which should be really cool... really looking forward to it! There's something about connecting with a group of men... and having the opportunity to challenge this group from SOUTH POTOMAC CHURCH is a really exciting thing! I'll be speaking FOUR TIMES, which really has me chomping at the bit... but I'm sure will leave me exhausted.

Thankfully, even though I'll be present at Mosaic, my friend VIC SIMPSON is speaking for me this Sunday evening. Vic's been a very strong supporter of our church, and really helped us big time during our pre-launch phase. Next weekend is my and Keda's 12th wedding anniversary... so, another buddy of mine, JUMAINE JONES, will be filling in for me. I'm going to hate not hearing him speak in person for the first time at Mosaic...

And I'd better come correct when I return, because these dudes can BRING IT!!! :-)

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