Tuesday, October 16

Okay, Here's What Happened...

Seems like several of you are interested in my little "fender-bender" on Sunday after the retreat. :-) Okay, here goes:

2) And I wasn't talking on the phone!

I was jamming to Hillsong's latest CD, Savior King, and wasn't paying attention quite like I should have been. I don't think I had my eyes closed, but somehow I hadn't noticed that the light ahead of me had turned red! I slammed on my brakes, the car skidded into the intersection, and I slammed into the driver's door of the car coming from my right.

Now, honestly, the kid (17 yr old) could have sped up and avoided the crash (I really thought he pooped on himself!)... but he froze like a deer in headlights! Thankfully, the skid took up much of the impact... no one was hurt...

And, fortunately, I DIDN'T GET A TICKET!

So... the moral of the story? "PAY ATTENTION WHILE DRIVING!"

Like that needed to be said, right? ;-)


Lindsay Wasik said...

Maroon 5...that's all I'm going to say....

LOL :)

Jim Henry said...

First of all I'm glad you're okay my friend. Secondly, you should know better than to jam to United while driving...The CD label should have a warning that says "this CD may cause you to be lost in worship...do not operate heavy machinery while listening!"

The Hodges Family said...

It's so funny, strange, but yet so cool to see how far God has brought you Darren!
Thinking way back to when we were students at WBC, you being like a big brother to me, and to see you now leading a body of believers to grow in His word! To God be the glory! He is so amazing!

I'm so proud of you and Kedia. You are in our prayers and we look forward to seeing you all celebrate 40 years one day as a church. We pray that this church would be one of the historical churches that Matt and I have been blessed to be apart of that still have the word of God being taught without error.

Take care.
Matthew & Zinnada Hodges<><