Tuesday, October 2

I Need Directions!!!!

I had a crazy experience today that really reminded me of something very, very important: it is of the utmost imperative for churches to give VERY CLEAR DIRECTIONS to their guests!

I was in IKEA, looking for a cafe' table and chairs set for our Sunday worship environment... to use instead of the traditional pulpit (**NOTE**: if you have ANY IDEA where I could find something we could probably use in our worship gathering, PLEASE let me know!!) I couldn't find anything, so I decided to leave... but couldn't. There were signs all around... arrows on the floor, and hanging signs that read "exit", with arrows on them... and each sign/arrow led to an exit... but they were EMERGENCY EXITS!! I spent FIFTEEN MINUTES trying to leave that store... and felt trapped, because I couldn't find my way out! Not only that, but there were very few workers present whom I could readily ask for direction... just a little guidance could've saved me several minutes!

I couldn't help but think of times when my family and I visited churches that weren't very helpful in directing us to where we needed to go... and I wondered just how effective Mosaic is at greeting and directing people... and whether we have enough signage (actually, I KNOW we don't).

I left Ikea thinking that I might never return to that place... and I can't help but wonder, "How many people leave our churches thinking the same thing?"

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