Monday, September 10


Today, I didn't feel like a pastor... I was angry, and frustrated, and downright stubborn.

Today, I had the opportunity to tell the devil to go to he--, and I didn't take it (sorry, if you're offended by that. But, then again, if you are... you might be a little too tight with that dude).

Today, I blew it big-time... and I felt like a heel.

Yesterday, I preached a message called Seizing Your Divine Moment... and today I let my divine moment slip through my fingers. My potential divine moment of opportunity became a problematic moment of regret.

Instead of seizing the moment... I suckered out.

Today wasn't good... but I'm glad there's tomorrow!
Today, I was in need of repentance... tomorrow will be a day of rejoicing!

Because pastors sometimes blow it, too... and we stand in need of forgiveness... and I'm so glad that I serve a God who loves me in spite of me...

... and that I married a woman who loves me and forgives me, even when I don't deserve it.


Shep said...

Love your honesty man..there are a lot of pastors that wouldn't have shared that on the web...

Keep on Keeping on...We are praying for you and your church!!

Jim Henry said...

Transparency and leadership go hand in hand...Thanks for laying out your imperfections like that. Mine are just as glaring, but never as glaring as the grace of God.