Sunday, September 2

Sunday Nite Speak!

* Visited National Community Church today with some of our team... I really enjoyed it. I was really surprised (in a good way) at the simplicity of their service... right to the point. Pastor Mark opened the service, and after that the worship team got up... once they were done, the offering was taken... then Mark got up to speak. He finished the message (which included a video of one of their missions teams that had just gone to Uganda), the worship team got back up... then Mark came back up and did the benediction. Plain and simple... but powerful.

* Mark's message on servanthood was awesome... really convicting!!

* It was good to chill with some of our team today in a non-Mosaic setting... we hung around at the Union Station food court for lunch, and dialogued about what we had just seen and heard at NCC. It's always great to be able to learn from a ministry that's out in front of you!

* I saw an old friend of mine named Enoch today at NCC. I think Enoch has more degrees than I have letters in my name! We became pretty good friends some years ago, but lost touch... awesome Bible teacher/theologian... just plain ol' sharp! Good to be back in touch with him...

* I'm not doing ANYTHING on tomorrow, Labor Day... a day on which I will not labor!! Speaking of which, we really need to get back to observing the Sabbath... we're much too busy as a people. Hmmm... sounds like a post that needs to be written! ;-)

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