Thursday, August 30

Today Was a Good Day

Every month, our state convention (SBC of VA/DC) has a Church Planters Network (CPN) meeting... and, let's face it: any time you have any kind of regularly-scheduled meeting/event, there will be some days that are better than others. Well, for the statewide CPN we had today, today was a good day.

If for no other reason, it was a good day because we got to hear from the Executive Director of our convention, Dr. Doyle Chauncey... whom I hadn't heard speak many times. The more I get to know Doyle, the more I like the guy... he's one of the most humble men you'd ever meet. And I learned something new about him today that I never knew...

He's a former church planter!!

No wonder the guy has such a heart for the planters in his convention! He was very transparent with his experience as a planter, and it meant ALOT to hear him share from his heart. He shared 3 primary things on what every church planter needs. He needs:

*Disciplined Thinking - thinking the right things
*Disciplined Emotions - thinking the right way
*Disciplined Actions - doing the right things in the right way

But the main thing that Doyle emphasized today is what really struck home with me:

Seize the day... every day. Don't waste time! Don't miss the opportunities that God provides for us! DON'T EVER LET UP!!!

Today was definitely a good day... thanks, Doyle!

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