Friday, August 31

That's My Boy!

Okay... this is a very fitting intro to my "INFLUENCES" blogs for next week... Shawn McBride is one of my VERY BEST FRIENDS in the entire universe! :-) He is a very gifted communicator... and I had the privilege of serving as his Assistant Pastor when he launched New Life Community Church in 2002.

If you look up the word "passion" in the dictionary, you'll see Shawn's smiling mug right next to it! :-) That's most definitely one area he has ALWAYS influenced me in: passionate preaching. He exemplifies it his own preaching, he craves to hear it in others... but, most importantly, he LIVES passionately - he is a PASSIONATE PURSUER of the Living Christ!

Keep preaching, Shawn... "PASSION WITH PURPOSE!" ;-)


DeAndre' said...

ironically enough, I wanted to visit his church after I left new song but when I got to the old Bowie High school (I was told his service was there) some other church is there. he definitely looks like an effective teacher

Darren said...

New Life Community Church meets at Tasker Middle School in Bowie, right on Rte. 197, before/beyond Rte. 50... depending on which direction you're heading. :-)

Their worship service is Sundays at 10am.