Sunday, August 26

Sunday Nite Speak!

* I am crazy about ministry!! Lovin' it! Had a great time tonight at Mosaic... finished up our God On Film series, with The Bourne Ultimatum: Who Am I? Great stuff! Put a unique twist on it, from this passage. :-) Also had to tie it in with the Cross, because it was Communion Sunday, so we looked at this passage, too!

* Had a visitor tonight who heard about us from his sister, who was at the InterVarsity Retreat this weekend... I knew it would pay off! And we're not even close to being finished seeing what God's gonna do through that connection!

* Had more technical difficulties with the powerpoint/projector... glad this was the last night (hopefully) having to deal with that! And speaking of "the last night", this was our last night at the Wesleyan church! Everybody's excited about the possibility of going to a 12:30 service! We should know something certain by Wednesday... KEEP PRAYIN'!!!!

* Next Sunday morning, the team and I are going to hang out at National Community Church! That should be an awesome time... and will give them a glimpse somewhat of where we're trying to go at Mosaic... at least, with some things. I like field trips! :-)

* Amelia, one of our team members, created a Mosaic Community Church group on Facebook... if you're on FB, check us out... and JOIN! ;-)

* Hey, I appreciate all the prayers going up from everybody... don't stop... God's answering!!

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