Thursday, August 16

I've Been "Able" For WAY Too Long!

For the last several years, as a way to save money, my family and I have done without cable TV. Now, don't ask me how we've managed to keep from going loopy because we've only had about 9-10 channels to choose from... and SportsCenter wasn't one!

(Now, I must PAUSE and say that going without SportsCenter... especially during football season... has almost been hell on earth... no joke)

Our friends would ask if we'd seen a particular show... and we'd respond by saying, "Sorry, but we don't have cable... we have ABLE. Whatever channel we're able to get is what we watch!"

But now... we've broken down... we've decided to live a little... and we're going to go back to having cable. I admit, the upcoming football season might have a little something to do with that. :-) But also, the boys can have more than 3 cartoons to choose from... Keda can actually turn on the TV during the day and know that something will be on that she wants to see... and I can have my - you guessed it - SPORTSCENTER, baby!!!!

Ahhh... I can hear the crowd now: Cow-boys! Cow-boys! Ro-mo!!

(Stop hatin'...)


Jim Henry said...

Thankfully Big Brother is a network show! Welcome to the land of many channels my friend...I can hear the Sportcenter guys now..."ROMO DROPPED THE BALL, ROMO DROPPED THE BALL!" ` Not hatin' just lovin' on my Seahawks :)

Darren said...

Hey, Jim... you're a COLD DUDE, BRUH!!! :-)

Jim Henry said...

See ya in the playoffs...should be a great year! said...

Darren, I can relate to your cablelessness. I've been "able" for awhile too. It's been harder to follow the Cowboys, because it's not like every game of theirs is network like they used to be. But I'm with ya on the Romo thing--in the next few years he may help to restore the franchise...until Jerry Jones does something dumb to ruin another dynasty.