Friday, July 13

What A Job!

My wife, Marquita, works for the bomb company... CapitalSource, Inc. She's been there for 7 years... she worked FT when we first moved back from Atlanta... then after a couple of years, she transitioned back into the role of stay-at-home mom so she could spend more time with our middle son, Shawn, before he started kindergarten.

But they didn't want her to leave (she grows on you like that)! So, they offered to keep her on payroll as a temp... now, she goes in as she wants, or needs, to. Either they call her to see if she can work, or she just calls and lets them know she'll be coming in. Either way... they love her, and have kept her on for these last 4 years or so... it's been great!

But that's just an example of how neat this company is...

They also give their employees free lunch everyday... and I'm not talking about McDonald's here. Their low end catered lunch would be like Panera Bread! And today Keda came home with a timbuk2 laptop bag... and a sterling silver business card case from an expensive jewelry store... because they realized they hadn't given her a 5-year anniversary gift. Wow.

That's why this company was ranked in the Top 50 places to work in the U.S.!!!

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