Sunday, July 15

Sunday Night Ramblings...

* I should be tired, but I'm not...

* Led worship this morning at Montrose Baptist... they have a new pastor, Dr. Ken Fentress, and are in transition with their music ministry... so I'll be helping out a few times this summer, since we hold our services in the evenings. I felt a little rusty, but it went pretty well... it took alot out of me, seeing that I had to preach this evening at Mosaic.

* I love being the Lead Pastor of Mosaic Community Church!!

* This was the first Sunday in 6-7 weeks that we didn't have a newcomer! That sucks, man... but we'll just have to start a new streak next Sunday... :-)

* Spoke tonight from this passage, and entitled the message The Great Gamble... taking the "big risk" of investing what God has given us, in order to influence people toward a love relationship with Jesus. Next week is communion, and we finish up our Irresistible Influence series!

*Darren, Jr. keeps telling me that he's going to "whup" me tomorrow in Madden football (PS2)... ha! That'll never happen... ;-)

* Seth, my youngest, keeps telling me he's going to "bust me up"... he probably got that from his brother!!!

* We have our first Movie Night this Wednesday, as we prepare for our God on Film message series that begins on July 29. This week's movie is Transformers... should be a good one! If you're in the area and want to roll with us, hit me before Wednesday morning at

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