Sunday, July 1

Sunday Night Mind-Dump

* Great service tonight! We continue to get newcomers weekly, both from attenders inviting their friends and from marketing/outreach efforts... 4 guests, all non-black...awesome, awesome, awesome!

* The message was Staying In-Bounds, on sexual purity... tough topic, but it was received well. The series is called Summer Lovin', and we wrap up next week with a message called Sexual Healing. Should be fun. :-)

* Brian and the band did The Katinas' version of Draw Me Close To You tonight... I love that song!

* If we could get everybody to come out on the same weeks, we'd have a pretty good attendance!

* Our sound guy, Malcolm, quietly... consistently... and willingly knocks it out the part every week!

* Didn't get to make it to Jumaine's Expression event this weekend...

* My youngest, Seth, turns 4 tomorrow... man, time really flies! He's already running the place... we won't be able to tell him anything then!


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Don Record said...

Our little princess is turning 4 on Tuesday and boy do I know what you mean! I think she's still a Baby and she thinks she should be driving...