Friday, July 20

Not By Ourselves

As a church planter, it's easy to get to the point where you feel alone and discouraged... so it's important to connect with other guys who are planting and going through (or have gone through) some of the same things you are.

I was talking this morning to my very good friend, Jumaine Jones (planting ChThe Bridge Church in DC), and it was great to hear that the things we're experiencing in our own situations, the other is, as well. We're not alone.

Some other guys in the area who have been a great encouragement to me are Ben Arment of Reston Community Church in Reston, VA... Dan Cotter of The Church Upcounty in Germantown, MD; and Dave and Aaron Proffitt of Aletheia Church in Harrisonburg and Richmond, VA.

Thanks, guys!


A couple of you emailed me and asked if I'm okay... haha! YES! Actually, what I meant to say above is that we church planters encourage each other. But thanks for the encouraging emails, and for checking in on me! :-)

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