Monday, June 11

Music to My Ears...

For years, I made my niche in ministry in the area of music: as a church pianist, then choir director, then as a worship leader, and finally as a Minister of Music. I still get a chance from time to time to lead worship in different venues... not too often, though, now that I'm pastoring... sometimes I really miss it.

So, whenever I get the chance, I listen to and learn as much music as possible! You never know when you might be needed to fill in for a worship leader! :-)

Here are the top ten worship songs that have been resonating with me as of late:

1. Sweetly Broken - Jeremy Riddle: This song is just killing me right now! "At the cross you... beckon me..." LOVE IT!

2. From the Inside Out - Hillsong: I first heard this at Elevation Church a couple of months ago... crushing me right now!

3. Mighty to Save - Hillsong: this might take the place of Shout to the Lord as their classic!

4. Glorious - Chris Tomlin: this guy just keeps cranking out worship hits!

5. All We Need - Charlie Hall: another one I heard at Elevation; I've been meditating on this passage lately... this goes hand in hand with that Scripture!

6. O Praise Him - David Crowder: my urban/gospel buddies would think I'm crazy... but I like this guy!

7. Here is Our King - David Crowder: here he is again!

8. Beautiful One - By the Tree: now, you really haven't heard this song crank until you've been with us in worship!

9. Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman: the gist of this song always crushes me, because I complain to God WAY too much!

10. Praise is Rising (Hosanna) - Brenton Brown: we kicked this at our second preview service, and it's been a favorite at Mosaic ever since!

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