Monday, April 23

A Strange Sight...

As I was driving home this evening, I saw something that totally baffled me... it was a bumper sticker that read:

If you want a taste of religion, bite a minister!!!

Man, what's that all about????? Somebody please help me on that one...

On another note... and a more pleasing one... I love the ritual that my boys and I have at bedtime: I sang and pray with all three individually. My 3-yr old, Seth, always prefers anything by Mercy Me... although he knows the lyrics much better than I do. After I'm finished, he always says, "Pray with me." I'm telling you... it's the cutest thing!

I keep waiting for Darren Jr. (who's 10) to say, "Dad, I'm too old for that stuff..." but it hasn't happened yet. He loves his Dad's rendition of Fred Hammond songs...

But it's my 8-yr old, Shawn, who's the funny one... and the most persistent. HE'S the one who has consistently pressed me to keep up this tradition... so he asks every night, "Dad, are you going to sing to us... and pray with us?

Every night.
Without fail.

And his favorite song for Dad to sing... every day, 12 months a year?

The Little Drummer Boy. :-)

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rindy said...

That is so cool. I love it! I also love that it sounds like you purposefully spend time with each of your kids. For me, that has been the best for all of us. It's not easy, but I make the time. Even as they have gotten older, they look forward to their "Mom time"...keep it up!! It is worth it!