Sunday, March 11

Two Down!!

Well, we didn't reach our 100 people tonight... in fact, our preview attendance dropped from 60 to 37... BUT WE HAD A GREAT TIME! One of the really neat things was that - out of the 37 - only 7 or 8 were at our first service! Whereas I saw many friends at the last preview, there were many new faces at this one! Awesome!!

I met a Hispanic gentleman yesterday as we were distributing door hangers... he was washing his van, and told me he'd come out... he came! He didn't fill out a Communication Card and I don't remember his name, but pray that he'll return. There were several people that said they'd definitely be back for our next service! We also had three people sign up for our Mosaic Connection that will take place in a couple of weeks!

God did some great and mighty things tonight... no professions of faith, to my knowledge... but the Gospel was shared and seeds were planted... No doubt He's working in the hearts of those who came out tonight...

In His time, in His time... He makes all things beautiful in His time! ;-)


Jody and Emily said...

That's GREAT bro. I can't wait to hear what happens next. Stay true to the vision God has given you. This thing is bigger than we know.

web said...

absolutely lifting you guys up!