Friday, March 16


I know I'm going to take some shots for this post...

Most men I know (and especially church planters) don't like to read fiction; they pass it off as being for "punks and wusses"... but I love it... and everyone who knows me knows there's no wuss whatsoever in this bruh! ;-) Seriously, though... I really do love to read fiction (mainly Christian, although I do like Grisham), and I wanted to post the best novels I've read so far. If any of you do read novels - and will own up to it - feel free to pass on your favorites... I'm always looking for new vistas in the reading realm! ;-)

These are only slightly in order, starting with my favorite from Dekker:

1. Black, Red, & White (The Circle Trilogy) - Ted Dekker
2. Safely Home - Randy Alcorn
3. The Redemption Series - Karen Kingsbury & Gary Smalley
4. Redeeming Love - Francine Rivers
5. And the Shofar Blew - Francine Rivers
6. The Left Behind Series - Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins
7. Blink - Ted Dekker
8. Three - Ted Dekker

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Matt said...

Darren...i with you man! i always have a fiction book on my nightstand. though i read mostly science inner dork emerges! haha