Thursday, March 1

He Shoulda Got the Axe!

"So you had a bad day..."

This should be the theme to Sanjaya's Song... homeboy shoulda gone home tonight! I most definitely wasn't a big fan of AJ, but he clearly outsang Sanjaya last week! Everybody was surprised when they said, "AJ... you're going home." Good gracious modacious! You could hear a pin drop in that place...

America... you got it wrong on that one, baby.

Now, on the other hand... "Scatgirl" Leslie Hunt was the correct choice to leave. I didn't know what she was trying to do when she threw in the scat at the end of her song last week...

I felt like Randy: "Naw, Dawg... I wasn't feelin' it."

But, you know what? Ya gotta give all of 'em an "A" for effort! I wouldn't have even made it to Hollywood, so what do I know! ;-)

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