Friday, February 2

Nine Days!!

We're almost there... 9 days away from our first monthly preview service! That's right... February 11 @ 5:30pm at the College Park Wesleyan Church, we'll be giving the first of a 3-part "sneak preview" of things to come. It's been an adventurous journey... there have been some rough seas... and some obstacles that seemed impassable... and we're still just entering the "launch zone"; there are still three more months before we have regular weekly services! But, through it all, God's been faithful! I've learned (and am still learning) alot, and have had many invaluable guides along the way!

Well, here we go... Project Mosaic is almost ready to take public. Less than 15 people, committed to God's glory and taking the Good News to those who are far from Him... this is most definitely a God-sized task!! We have no idea who's going to show up... well, that's not totally true... Jesus will be there, along with whomever He brings!

Only He can pull this baby off... it's gonna be great to see! ;-)

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Pastor N8 said...

Nice blog, Darren! Thanks for keeping Daryl and me updated. I've set the alarm in my phone for 5:30 on Sunday to remind my wife and I to pray for you guys. I look forward to hearing what God does at Mosaic!