Friday, February 16

Blog Influences, Pt. 3

Okay... this is the last blogger highlight of the week! I've tried to save the best (in my opinion) for last...

Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor of Elevation Church, is rockin' it in North Cakalacky! There are many great blogs out there... really... but Steven's hits home to me the most b/c of our common bond as church planters. This guy has an awesome, radical faith that is SIMPLY CONTAGIOUS! My worship leader, Brian, and I have talked about taking our brides down there and visiting the church... don't know when we'll have time to make that happen, but I'm looking forward to the experience!

Steven's posts are always right on time... humorous... and full of life and faith! His is the only blog I read on a daily basis... okay, that might have something to do with the fact that I get his posts emailed to me daily, but all the same... :-)

Oh, snap! I almost forgot... I do want to make mention of a post I've recently come across by Rindy... proof for some of you that it's not only church planters/leaders who blog... Rindy does a great job with her blog, Experiencing the Journey. I can relate to her love for reading good books, as well as being a parent (she often makes mention of her teenage kids)... some of you ladies will relate because she has awesome, motherly wisdom... and it just might inspire some of you to blog, as well!! I'll say it again: many of you out there have some things to say that the rest of us want (need) to hear!!!!! STOP HOLDING BACK!!!!! :-)

Okay... I've got it all out now.
I think I'm done for the week...
Unless I think of something else to say. ;-)

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rindy said...

Hey, thanks for the kinds words!! I definitely invite all to stop by my site and join in the disussions...I'm a Christian single Mom of 3 boys who is finally realizing that God really does use anyone and all we go through!!

Enjoy the day and hope to hear from some more new friends!!