Thursday, January 25

Church Planters Network

We had our first Statewide CPN of the year for SBCV today (a gathering of a group of church planters for encouragement, sharing, and training)... and it was the very first one for my buddy, Jumaine Jones - new lead planter for The Bridge, a new ministry that will be launching somewhere in the Silver Spring area. Keep Ju in your prayers... he's going to do an awesome job there!

Drew Landry was a guest speaker today at the CPN... he pastors the Spotswood Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, VA... AWESOME message! One that was really taken to heart... I really appreciate guys with whom it's evident that they're being obedient to the Spirit with what they're saying (or not saying). Much wisdom and insight gained from the session, that's for sure...

Also, I think we set a record in attendance today! I heard there were over 90 people in attendance... wow!!!! It's great to see the Lord raising up guys to start new churches!

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