Wednesday, December 27

Still Blue

A day removed from the Cowboys getting thrashed 23-7 by the Eagles, and I'm still hot about it... How can you be a step away from clinching the division and not get up for a game of this magnitude?! Wow... such high hopes just a few weeks ago. Funny how things can change like the weather... We were all (at least, all of us 'Boys fans) riding on the Tony Romo bandwagon... ready to put him up to run for the Presidency... and Monday, he looked like the first-year starter that he is. To put it in the words of Mickey Spagnola, the journalist, "It is what it is... they are who they are." And that's right... we're a mere little above average football team. I hate to say it, but it's true.

Of course, a blowout over the Lions on Sunday, and a huge 1st round win in the playoffs might cure me of my apostasy! ;-)

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