Monday, December 25


Just wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas... hope everyone's having a great time with family and friends! My sons, Darren Jr., Shawn, and Seth have been celebrating and opening gifts for two days now! :-) It's always alot of fun to see their faces light up when they open their presents, and they shout something like, "Thanks, Mom and Dad... this is AWESOME!" (How come kids always say "Mom" first?) And you know, they were getting in a lot of trouble last night and this morning, and I started to make them wait until noon to open their presents! (I know, I'm such a meanie) But, as I watched them open their gifts, it made me think of how the Father feels when He blesses us (Jam. 1:17)... especially when we don't deserve it! There was an old Commissioned song some years ago that was a favorite of mine, called You Keep On Blessing Me... the chorus had really powerful words:

You keep on blessing me, though I might not be on top
You keep on blessing me, if I'm asking You or not
You keep on blessing me, everybody I must tell
How You bless me, Jesus, in spite of myself
How You bless me, Jesus, in spite of myself!

Wow... what an awesome God! :-)

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