Sunday, October 22

11 Years!!!!!

Yesterday marked the 11-year anniversary of marriage to my lovely bride, Marquita! I've been blessed beyond measure having her in my life. It's been an incredible journey. Don't get me wrong... we've been through some ups and downs - like any normal relationship - but, through it all, we've endured... we've risen above all the obstacles that have come our way... and our love for each other grows stronger by the day.

You know what? She's really great to be around, too! We're perfect for each other... we laugh at the same things... or same people (just joking... sorta)... we balance each other out really well, too - she's light, I'm dark... lol! Really, though... she's a great complement to me... and I to her. I'm very extroverted... she's mildly introverted. I'm quick to speak... she weighs her words carefully. She's beautiful, and I'm... well, I'm not too bad if you ask me! ;-)

And fun-ny... man, she's funny! She comes from a long line of hilariously funny people on her mom's side (her uncle Wallace will have your sides hurting from an abundance and overflow of laughter). We keep each other laughing all the time... and our home is filled with laughter, too, now that we have three little jokers with us! :-)

I love Keda so deeply that it takes my breath away sometimes... her heart is so huge, she probably cares TOO much (if that makes sense). For example: we'll go grocery shopping, and she'll try to carry the heavy bags so that I won't have too much to carry!!! No, I don't let her carry the heavy bags (what kind of husband do you think I am??)... but, my point is - most women won't even THINK about that (and they probably shouldn't) but she just wants to be helpful... that's all .. and it always blows my mind.

The ONLY problem that I have with her... and she and I really have to talk about this tomorrow morning, too... is that she - along with Seth, our three-year old - eats up my Double Stuf Oreo cookies (that's not funny)! I do have a real problem with that... but, other than THAT... it's cool beans! For real... :-)

Seriously, though... as the song says, when God made her He most definitely was thinking about me. I can't believe 11 years have come and gone...

Baby girl, I look forward to the rest of my life with you!!!!!!!

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