Thursday, September 7


Just had an awesome encounter... I'm sitting in Starbuck's, and in walks this elderly East Indian dude... and I thought to myself, "Hey, I recognize that guy..." I ran up to him and said, "Hey, remember me? I used to steal from your 7-11 store when I was a kid!" Ok, pick up your jaw from off the floor. I know some of you probably think you're the 4th person of the Trinity... but - unlike you - I haven't always been walking with the Lord! :-) But, back to the story. The man recognized me (probably thinking, "It's that boy!"), and after he and his son ordered their coffee, they came and sat down with me for a few minutes.

I told Thomas (that's his name) that I've long given up thievery (I used to steal Honey Buns and baseball/football cards... I know, BIG money), and have since committed my life to Jesus and am now a pastor. It was really enjoyable, talking with him and his son, Vinoy. Vinoy and I swapped info, and will stay in touch... they are believers, and Vinoy is looking for a good church where he can settle down (and a job, if any of you have connections!).

It's an awesome thing when you run into someone you haven't seen in a long time, and they're excited about what they see! Needless to say, Thomas was pleased at my "career change"... and - if I'm being really honest - so am I. ;-)

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